How I Did It: An Inexpensive Weekend In Cancun For $88

Last week, I posted a travel report about my friend and I spending a weekend in Cancun.

Towards the bottom of the post, I mentioned it was $88 total for the entire trip.

Have you wondered how it was so cheap?

Well, it’s simple! With credit card points and alternate travel, of course!

In this post, I am going to be detailing what I did and how I did it to book an inexpensive weekend getaway to Cancun for only $88!

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Travel Report: An Inexpensive Weekend In Cancun

A while ago, a friend and I decided to hop on a plane to Cancun and have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. It was going to be an inexpensive trip as our flight tickets and hotel stays were free, and we would only need to pay for the transportation from the airport to the hotel.

Additionally, it was going to be our first time in Mexico and I was looking forward to enjoying the all-inclusive hotel that we were staying at.

Without further ado, here’s the travel report for what we did with our weekend!

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Personal Capital Review: The Best Portfolio Management Software?

After one year of using Personal Capital, I am writing a review to help readers understand more about how to use Personal Capital to manage, track, and understand their financial portfolios.

This review is going to be about my thoughts of the Personal Capital Portfolio Management Platform and how anyone can use it more efficiently.

Want to know what I think about it? Read on!

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