Net Worth Report: March 2017 Edition

This week, there will be no new post for the “Around the World for Free” series and instead, we’ll be going over my finances in March!

Back in February, I spent a total of of $1,267.00 and my net worth grew to a total of $137,394.84. February Net Worth Report, remember to check it out.

The best thing I like about March is that it’s the beginning of spring. It also means Daylight Savings Time is coming soon and will bring us longer days and the beautiful green nature.

But with longer days, does this mean that I’ll spend more since there’s more time being spent outside?

Who knows? Let’s jump into the March Net Worth Report and figure it out!

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Around the World for Free – Part 5: Manufactured Spending

Welcome to the 5th part of the “Around the World for Free” series!

In this part, we’ll be talking about manufactured spending and how it can help you obtain those credit card bonuses faster without using that much money to meet the minimum spend.

Finally, “Around the World for Free” is a multi-part series that is posted weekly, so make sure you tune in and check out the other posts whenever you can!

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