The 5 Credit Cards I Keep in My Wallet

Previously, I mentioned that I liked to open up new credit cards as a hobby to travel the world for free. As a matter of fact, I’ve opened more than 20 credit cards within the past few years, which is an insane amount. You might be thinking, “how the heck do you carry all those cards”!?

Well, the reality of the fact is that I don’t carry all 20+ on me at any time. At most, I only carry 5 cards at a time and maybe an extra 6th if I had a card I needed to perform manufactured spending on.

With that, let’s dive into my wallet and see what cards I have swimming around!

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Around the World for Free – Part 5: Manufactured Spending

Welcome to the 5th part of the “Around the World for Free” series!

In this part, we’ll be talking about manufactured spending and how it can help you obtain those credit card bonuses faster without using that much money to meet the minimum spend.

Finally, “Around the World for Free” is a multi-part series that is posted weekly, so make sure you tune in and check out the other posts whenever you can!

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