Net Worth Report: August 2017 Edition

Hey hey hey, y’all, it’s September!

And with the start of every month, I publish a Net Worth Report to show y’all how my finances are doing.

For me, the point of doing this monthly is to show myself where I spend my money and to correct it for the months to come. This allows me to understand, mitigate, and reallocate unnecessary costs to help push me to Financial Independence faster.

Anyways, back in July , I spent a total of $428.91 (my lowest ever this year!) and my net worth increased to $173,307.50 (back to an increase fortunately).

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With that, let’s jump in and see how I did in September!

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Net Worth Report: July 2017 Edition

July has passed and it’s five more months until 2018, not long until the new year, but it’s still summer! 

Also, happy late Independence Day everyone!

Have you hit the beach or participated in any outdoor activities yet?

Luckily, I have! 

I made a trip up to Oregon with my friend and checked out the Multnomah Falls Hike Trail. It was a pretty scenic route that linked multiple falls together. You should check it out when you have the time!

Anyways, back in June, I spent a total of $11,793.35 and my net worth decreased to $166,762.64 unfortunately.

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With that, let’s jump in and see how I did in July!

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7 Things I’m Going to Do When I Retire

I’ve usually been pretty open with my goals and finances with friends and family, so they know that I plan to retire early by saving and investing my money instead of going out and enjoy the pleasures of eating out, drinking, and clubbing (unless it’s free, of course).

Most of the time, they would ask, “Aren’t you going to be bored with all that free time?”, “What are you going to do for the next 30, 50, or even 70 years?”, or maybe even “How are you going to support your family?”.

My response back to them is usually, “I’ve got an idea” or “Everything will work out”. But really, life is unpredictable and it’s always better to have somewhat of a plan, so I can just adjust according to my situation.

So in the end, this post (yes, the very one you will be reading) will be more of a plan of what I plan to do (seven things in fact!) with all the glorious time in the world once I break free from the shackles of work and stop worrying about money.

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How the Amazon Wish List Method Can Save You Hundreds (or Even Thousands) of Dollars!

Imagine yourself browsing the inter-webs, looking at some good old deals on the online shopping monolith, Amazon.

You see something that catches your eye and before you know it, you purchased it.

You don’t think much of the purchase and continue browsing the many categories online.

And little did you know, an hour passed and many more items were purchased.

By the time you receive your credit card statement, you purchased so much that you racked up hundreds (or even thousands) on your credit card!

Luckily for you, there is a method that can prevent this… the Amazon Wishlist Method.

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Net Worth Report: June 2017 Edition

It’s June and we’re halfway done with the year already!

It’s also the start of summer, so that means it’s to hit the beach and start doing outdoor activities like hiking, running, camping, and more!

Anyways, back in May, I spent a total of $776.28 and my net worth grew to a total of $169,147.69.

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With that, let’s jump in and see how I did in June!

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