Travel Report: An Inexpensive Weekend In Cancun

A while ago, a friend and I decided to hop on a plane to Cancun and have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. It was going to be an inexpensive trip as our flight tickets and hotel stays were free, and we would only need to pay for the transportation from the airport to the hotel.

Additionally, it was going to be our first time in Mexico and I was looking forward to enjoying the all-inclusive hotel that we were staying at.

Without further ado, here’s the travel report for what we did with our weekend!

I might be missing some details, but this is the gist of it.

San Francisco Airport

We decided to take Friday off and head out via San Francisco Airport, but since we had a bit of time, we filled ourselves up with some lounge food that was available in the Air France KLM Lounge.

Air France KLM Lounge Food

The food was just alright and there were a decent amount of options, so it just kept our bellies satisfied before our 6 hour flight to Cancun.

The lounge, however, had an excellent view of the runway, so we were able to watch some planes move in and out.

View of the Runway

As our flight was a red-eye flight with United Airlines, I didn’t expect much service, so I pretty much slept throughout the entire flight.

We were, however, woken up an hour before arrival to put our seats back in the upright position and stow away our belongings before landing.

Even though our sleep was disturbed, we were still able to snap a decent picture of our plane landing in Cancun.

Airplane Landing in Cancun


After arriving and passing through customs, we started to look for our transportation guy in order to make our way to the hotel.

We made an online booking with Discovery Mundo to take us from the airport to our hotel, the Hyatt Zilara Cancun, for $88.

It was pretty easy to find our chauffeur and they even warned us about the many people who would try and “sway/steal” our business by telling us our driver isn’t here.

Finding Our Transportation Guy

The drive to the hotel was pretty pleasant and only took us around 30 minutes from departure to arrival.

Hyatt Zilara Hotel

Upon entering the hotel, we were greeted with staff welcoming us and taking our bags.

Unfortunately, we were unable to check in as we were early (we arrived at 7 AM!) and had to wait until 2 PM.

So to “waste” some time before check in, we decided to just roam around the hotel and check out the surroundings.

The entrance of the hotel was very grand and large. It seemed to be a center stage for performances, but because we were so early in the morning, we weren’t quite sure if that was what it was for.

We made our way past the long and grand hall until we were met with the bright and shining light of the sun, giving us a view of the entire back portion of the hotel.

Early morning sunshine!

As we walked around the back side of the hotel, we saw an empty paradise of cabanas and pools.

We even saw some “tents” that were set up as we walked down towards the beach. We found out that the “tents” were actually set up for the “Romantic Dinner for two” after we checked in.

Tents for the Romantic Dinner for 2

As we explored some more, we found some more cabanas and a cool looking hut, which is supposed to be a “spa center”, where they would massage you in the open while you enjoy a nice view of the beach.

Finally, it was nearing 11 AM and we haven’t eaten anything since the night before at the Air France Lounge, so we decided to head over to the nearest restaurant, Pelicanos.

Pelicanos, the first Breakfast stop

Breakfast Stop! Pelicanos!

Since we haven’t officially checked in yet, we didn’t have a room that the restaurant could look up to find us within their system.

But luckily, the waiter was kind enough to just allow us in and eat some of that good old breakfast.

Pelicanos mainly served Mexican and American typed breakfast food.

And since I was in Mexico, what better way to start a meal than with Enchiladas! We also got some French Toast and a few pieces of Strawberry, but really… the Enchiladas were delicious.

After breakfast, we wandered some more around the hotel since it still wasn’t time for check-in (I had very poor planning, unfortunately).

The Gym

We stumbled upon into the gym and checked it out for a bit.

Surprisingly, the gym had a whole bunch of equipment and there was no one there… either because it was too early or people were enjoying the booze instead.

The facilities were really clean and they even had a cool second level pool that oversaw the streets.

The pool of my dreams.

24 Hour Break Room

Finally, after much exploring, we decided to head back down to the lobby to check out the 24 hour break room.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the break room, but it had served snack food like nachos, chicken wings, and steaks tacos.

The other cool thing was that they had a large selection of alcohol available for us to play and mix some drinks with.

I googled some decent recipes for Coconut Spiced Rum and made it while we waited until it’s time to check in.

Finally, Our Room

Finally, it was our time to check in.

We quickly retrieved the room cards and went straight to the room.

Upon opening the room, there was a snack drawer right in front of us, which kept snacks, coffee, and alcohol.

It was pretty cool cause there was a mini-fridge in there, which kept the drinks cool and ready to drink after the hot Cancun weather.

To the right side of the snack drawer was a sink and the restroom.

The sink looked pretty fancy and to our surprise, there was another sink in the restroom!

The shower was also pretty big and the toilet looked… well, like a toilet. And of course, we were provided with shower amenities as we didn’t bring any.

Finally, for the rest of the room, we had a TV with two chairs, a king sized bed, and a hot tub as well!

We even got a free bottle of wine!

Who doesn’t like free wine?

Outside of the room is the balcony, which gave us a spectacular view of the beach.

With that, we decided to wind down just a little and take a look through the service manual and see what else the hotel offered.

Executive Summary
Executive Summary
List of Restaurants
List of events going on during the week.

Finally, after our quick nap, we decided to head to dinner at Asiana Restaurant, a restaurant that served Asian food.

Asiana Restaurant

One of the reasons they have an Asian restaurant is because there are a lot of tourists that come to Cancun from Japan and South Korea.

When we arrived at the hotel, there were dedicated booths set up for Korean and Japanese speakers.

Anyways, for dinner, we got some of everyone’s favorite fish, Salmon, and a bowl of Ramen to fulfill our hunger.

With that, we ended the day by heading back to our room.

Before we got to our room, we saw that people who were on their anniversaries got a cool tag on their door, signifying that they were on an anniversary.

How cool is that tag?!

We also joined in on the middle of an event, which utilized the central stage space we saw when we checked in.

There’s a different performance every night!

We even enjoyed some cocktails while we watched!

Our cocktails

The event/performance was pretty cool, and when it ended, we went back to our room and went straight to sleep.


For the next morning, we tried out the restaurant, Spice, for breakfast.

Spice was an international style buffet, which served all kinds of foods, but here’s the dish I had, along with a glass of pineapple juice and a cup of coffee.

Food at Spice!

The Pool, Poolside Bar, and the Beach

After eating at Spice, we went back to our room and changed into our swim gear to enjoy some poolside activities like drinking at the poolside bar, enjoying the nice weather, and watching some folks play some volleyball.

We even took a stroll along the beach after and got some decent pictures.

Not before long, we had to head back into the hotel to check out the Cocktail Lessons that was being hosted at the bar. But before we did that, we snapped a picture of the hotel from behind.

Hyatt Zilara Cancun

Our cocktail lesson consisted of us choosing a drink off the menu that we would like to try and “potentially” learn to make it.

The cocktail lesson list!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much learning on our side and more drinking.

Asiana again

View outside Asiana

Finally, for lunch, we decided to head to Asiana again because we love Asian food.

This time, we ordered a lot more food and even got some desserts!

After eating, we decided to just chill in the room and wind down before dinner.

Maria Marie

For dinner, we went to Maria Marie, which served Gourmet Mexican Cuisine.

The exterior and interior of Maria Marie was very Spanish-like and it shares half of the restaurant with La Adelita, which serves Traditional Mexican Cuisine.

Fortunately, this time, I was able to get a picture of the menus.

They served a whole different variety of food, but I decided to eat the Seared Tuna in Buttered Sauce. In addition to that, we got a whole lot of other food too!

Finally, after dinner, we winded down before departing the hotel and heading straight to the airport to head home.

Flying back home

The flight back home wasn’t so bad, but we did have to make a layover at Los Angeles, so while we were there, we made a pit stop at the Korean Air Lounge to get some free lounge food.

KAL Lounge Food

After that, we made it safely back home and had to go back to our jobs the next day.


Overall, our weekend at Cancun was great.

The total cost of the trip was $88 (for the transportation with Discovery Mundo)! Our flights and hotels were free thanks to credit card points (wait, what?!).

It was fun exploring the hotel and enjoying all of the food and drinks, which is what we mainly did.

I have a new found liking towards all-inclusive hotels now as everything is free!

Have you guys ever went to an all-inclusive hotel before? If you did, what did you think of it? If not, which one would you check out?

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