Net Worth Report: November 2016 Edition

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, Meet the Plan, I will be releasing monthly net worth reports to show you where my money is coming and going. With that said, welcome to the November 2016 Edition of the Net Worth Report.

November was a great month for me. I hope it was the same for all of you well since it’s Thanksgiving and we all get to be around family. Fortunately for me, I had scheduled personal time off from work. This means that I don’t have to go to work and I get to do whatever I want, which will be traveling around the world in eighty days. Haha, I’m just kidding, I’m only going to a few places in Europe and Asia to visit some friends for a few weeks. The only downside to this will be an increase of expense due to air fares, eating out, souvenirs, tourist attractions, and more… but I won’t completely know until it’s over.

Income: $4,096.36

Every month, I receive two paychecks – once on the 15th and once on the 30th. The paychecks come out to be $485.67 each, which totals up to $971.36. The reason my paychecks are so low is because I am contributing 50% of my salary to the After-Tax 401(k) my company offers.

Now you may be thinking, “SP! If you only make $971.36 a month, where does the other money come from then? How are you making $4,096.36 in November? Do you have a side business that we don’t know about?”.

Well, to answer that, no, I don’t have a side business unfortunately. I am planning to work on one soon enough.

The extra money comes from something my company offers called Per-Diem. Per-Diem is paid to me whenever I am off on business trips and can range from $50 to $150 a day in terms of reimbursement. Because I was out of town for business for the majority of the month, I was “reimbursed” for $3,125.00. The reason I used quotations on reimbursed is because if I decide to not use all of the money arranged for me, I can keep the rest. For example, if the daily allowance for the particular city I am out on business is $150 and I only spent $10 for that day, then I get to keep $140 to myself when I file my expense reports.

Finally, one last thing you might notice is that the income picture above says $4,097 of $2,093. The $2,093 is how much I earn a month if contributing to the Pre-Tax 401(k).

Expense: $783.00

Apparently I had only spent $783.00 in the month of November. This seems quite low to me as I expected to spend a lot more since I was and still am on vacation. There might be a larger uptick in December instead.

The majority of my expenses this month went towards paying off the Toyota Camry I had purchased in 2015. When I had bought this car, I was able to negotiate a Down Payment of $0 and 0% interest for 4 years. Since the loan has 0% interest, I’m not in a rush to pay it off quickly and would rather invest the money into the stock market instead. You will see a deduction of $459.99 every month from my accounts into the loan, so this will be pretty static and standard in the later net worth reports as well.

The rest of my expenses went into the “Spending Money” category and the Restaurants category. My “Spending Money” category is just a combination of random miscellaneous expenses tied together as I was too lazy to define categories for each and every expense. The total of these two categories is $323.01.

Net Worth: $115,813.06
Another good thing about November was the constant uptick of the stock market. While I didn’t track the gains of my stocks, it did boost up my portfolio quite a bit.

With all that said, my net worth in November came out to be $115,813.06.

I expect December’s Net Worth Report to be a bit more hard on the expenses, but hopefully I won’t take that big of a hit.

How did you guys do on November? Are you guys expecting a big hit in December due to holiday shopping, last minute travels?

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